The Economy Service offers following services:

  1. Development of information and simulation systems for your demand:
    1. for agriculture, environment or further commercial sectors;
    2. in a national, regionalised and / or sectoral differentiation;
    3. for partial product- or economy areas;
    4. supply and /or demand oriented.
  1. Advice and further education in the area of the decision preparation and the quantitative analysis:
    1. Problem analysis;
    2. Bases of the quantitative analysis;
    3. Carrying out of target oriented analyses
  1. Application of the information and simulations system SPEL/EU for your demand:
    1. Ex-post Projections: What would be happen, if the development would have been.....
    2. Ex-ante Projections: One to 3 years under the basic development lines
    3. Ex-ante Projections: One to 10 years under consideration of your proposals for production und policiy
  1. Analysis based on SPEL/EU-Data on your demand:
    1. for agriculture and environment of the European Union or Member States;
    2. in national (sectoral) differentiation and / or the whole European Union;
    3. for single products (groups) or the whole sector;
    4. supply and / or demand oriented.
  1. Administrative work: federations, enterprises and freelance persons:
    1. Structuring and maintain of account systems
    2. Development and maintenance of Internet presentations (homepage and email);
    3. Business planning and consultation;